I have been lucky enough to work with Christine on numerous occasions – as my director, as a co-actor and also as part of a production team together.

Christine is someone who I completely trust. Mainly because she is honest with me and encourages me, as an actor, to take chances and make certain choices. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help.

Throughout my career she has cast me in some of my most defining roles, which shaped my career and made me the actor I am.

I was very shy starting off in the acting business, but with Christine’s help, encouragement, professionalism and all round friendship, I have since moved to London and performed in some of the West End’s longest-running shows, such as Les Misérables (Valjean/Enjolras), The Phantom of the Opera (Raoul) and currently Billy Elliot.

It’s not very often you find a director who you are looking forward to working with again. Christine also encouraged me and gave me full support when I was deciding whether to try and make a go of it in London.

I can’t recommend anyone better than Christine to help or encourage fresh new talent.

Killian Donnelly (Actor/Singer) Currently playing: Tony, Billy Elliot, West End. Previous roles: Raoul, The Phantom of the Opera, West End; Valjean/Enjolras, Les Misérables, West End; Film: Combeferre, Les Misérables – The Movie


Having worked with Christine over the past couple of years, I have found her to be knowledgeable and discerning regarding all things musical, with a great facility for organization and administration.  

She is also a delightful woman with a quick mind and ready laugh.  I hope to work with her again…and again!

John Bucchino (New York Composer/Writer)


Over the last eight years I have had the great pleasure of working with Christine Scarry as a director.

From her brilliant work directing the highly successful “Annie” at the Olympia Theatre and Cork Opera House, to a run of six incredible sell-out Christmas pantomimes at the Olympia Theatre, she has been first-class.

A lady of extreme charm and a highly professional approach to everything she does.

Pat Egan (International Producer/Promoter)


I’ve always loved working with Christine since we first met on ‘Aspects of Love’ back in 1997. She’s a wonderful voice coach and it’s great to be directed by her.

Of course it’s also fab to just sit in the auditorium and watch one of her many and varied productions: ‘The Producers’ was a particular favourite!

Rebecca Storm (First Lady of Irish Musical Theatre!)


Christine Scarry is a true professional and fantastic to work with. Since first meeting Christine in 2008 I have worked with her on many productions and hope to continue to work with her long into the future. As a Director she knows exactly what she wants to achieve with a project, which is a much-appreciated quality.

Christine brings her good humour and supportive nature to the rehearsal room to deliver a thorough and enjoyable rehearsal process for the cast. Her clear artistic vision and strong leadership allows for the creative and production teams to work with her towards creating fantastic shows.

I would recommend working with Christine without reservation, knowing the high calibre of her work. If my experience is anything to go by you will not regret it.

Robert Bradish (Producer UK and Ireland)


I would have no hesitation in recommending Christine as both a singing teacher and director.

Without a doubt she is the best director I have worked with and I have enjoyed every show immensely, you learn so much about stagecraft just watching how Christine puts a show together. Her attention to detail is second to none and she makes sure that everyone on stage knows exactly what they are doing and why, no matter how small a part they may think they are playing.

I have also gone to Christine for singing lessons when I had to do some solo singing as I had very little confidence in my voice, but she helped me find my solo voice and through the process grow as a singer and performer. Lessons with Christine are about a lot more than just singing, you learn about song choices, musicianship and discover previously unknown songs that become firm favourites. And she seems to be able to sing/teach any language of song you may happen to bring to her.

But lessons are much more than just singing as Christine seems to have an innate ability to pick out just the right song for you.

You won’t regret going for lessons with Christine, I have no doubt you will grow as both a singer and a person through the process.

Aidan Gately (Singer, Anúna)


Christine is the most generous director/teacher and person. Her vast knowledge of music repertoire is incredible. Christine can pick a song to suit you personally and also managing to stretch you vocally. Every time I have a lesson with Christine I leave feeling empowered to tackle new songs and techniques. She also leaves me with plenty of tools so that I can work on my own.

I loved every second working with Christine on a production. She created the perfect relaxed, open and hard working working atmosphere in the rehearsal room. Christine is so multi-talented that she truly inspires creatively to all around her. Anyone would be lucky to work with her x x x x x x x x x

Clare O’Malley (Actress/Singer, US and Ireland)


Christine is one of a kind! The things I have learned from her teaching and coaching have been invaluable to my career so far.

Having studied with Christine for over three years, I was lucky to build up enough understanding and training to be accepted into drama schools in both London and New York. She has a way of making things feel easy and making you understand.

As I am now beginning to frequently book jobs in The Big Apple, I have Christine to thank for getting me this far! She’s the best!

Conor McIntyre (Actor/Singer, New York City)


I feel very fortunate to have met Christine. I have been lucky enough to be part of a number of productions she has directed and produced. I am also very proud to be one of her students and have been for the last number of years.

As a director and producer Christine has a sense of creativity and vision that is nothing short of incredible and to be part of that is an honour. She has a way of bringing out the very best in her casts and to feel proud of their achievements and work.

As a vocal coach she has helped find my true voice. Her teaching is personal yet truly professional. She has helped me prepare for numerous musical theatre roles which I feel I would not have gotten had it not been for her advice and tutoring.

Christine has a wealth of material and therefore each lesson is a new experience. She works on everything from breathing (which in fact I wasn’t doing at all when I started!!), technique and presentation. This year (for the second time no less) she arranged for acclaimed New York song writer John Bucchino to come to Dublin to give a masterclass. I was one of the few chosen to take part in the masterclass and perform with John in an intimate concert. This was an experience I will never forget and it would not have happened had it not been for her.

She has helped me so much to become the singer and performer I am today and the reason I enjoy performing so much. Working with Christine on any level is in itself an experience. She makes me want to be the best I possibly can.

Jenny McCabe (Singer/Actress)


From an “actor who sings” perspective, Christine gives you tremendous self-belief. Connecting with the song is something I learned very quickly from her. This alone has stayed with me for many years.

Karl Harpur (Actor/Director/Writer)


Christine Scarry is a musical theatre director who instinctively knows the ebb and passion of a show. Her work last year in Wexford Opera House for ‘Follies’ was a highlight of my year. Her work excites me and feeds an intellectual aspect as well.

Liam Murphy (Member International Association of Theatre Critics)


Christine has mentored and taught a large number of my students singing and voice direction – to this end, the result has been astonishing. I send her students whom I believe have a particular vocal interest and she turns them into the finest singers, as they perform songs that suit the individual immensely. I have so often had occasion to see these same students perform at some of the best venues in Ireland – this is without doubt down to Christine’s direction and encouragement.

Without doubt, I would recommend Christine as a voice coach. (Her piano skills are really impressive too!)

Pat Morris (Head of Music, St. Peter’s College, Dunboyne)


Christine is one of the greatest teachers I have ever had, and indeed in Ireland.

She goes above and beyond to ensure that each and every one of her students becomes the very best that they can be. Regardless if you are interested in music as a hobby or are relying on performance as your bread and butter, Christine will put the same amount of attention, love and discipline into you.

Working with Christine is an absolute pleasure. She is tough, but very fair, always speaking the truth. Christine makes me WANT to work harder!

In a word, she is inspiring.

To be perfectly honest, my words alone cannot express the depth of gratitude I, and so many others owe to her. Trust me, one lesson, you will be hooked.

Ranae Von Meding (Actor/Singer)


I would strongly recommend Christine as a director for any production either on a large or small scale. She is extremely well organised, her direction is exceptional, she has great skill in interpreting a scene and bringing out the best in the actors involved, her communication skills are excellent and on a personal level she develops a great rapport with the cast and crew, which is invaluable for any production. Many cast and crew members have developed lifelong friendships with Christine having worked on her productions, I am happy to say that I am one of them.

I approached Christine for vocal coaching having experienced throat problems following a long musical run. She made me feel at ease in the teaching environment and she was very patient and encouraging throughout our training. She taught me vocal technique and breath control, she helped me learn how to read and interpret a musical score and she helped me develop my vocal range. Since our initial course of lessons, I have often arranged to meet Christine to help prepare for auditions or just to run through some new songs for my repertoire. I have always enjoyed singing with Christine, she has given me the confidence to sing with ease in public and pursue projects in music entertainment. Thank you Christine!

Ray O’Hare (Actor/Singer/Director)


It has been a privilege and a joy to work alongside Christine during her time as director of the Olympia Theatre panto for the past eight years. Christine has been there from the beginning, giving me my first small role in ‘Bugsy Malone’ aged 12, to helping me undertake the role of leading man.

Her ability to encourage and teach, as well as direct, no doubt helped me to become the actor I am today, all while learning valuable life lessons along the way! Each year, from Prince Charming to Robin Hood, Aladdin to Jack, Christine’s influence and excellent direction ensured I could undertake each role with ?confidence. Rehearsals were always enjoyable, always a great laugh, but always getting the task done, ensuring each scene was done to perfection.

I have such great respect for Christine, not just as a professional Director and teacher, but also as a person. I can’t speak highly enough of her and am privileged to have worked alongside her for such a length of time, and for us to have become such good friends.

Ryan Andrews (Actor – The Clinic, Fair City)


When you aspire to be the best in what you do, you have to work with the best. And in all honesty Christine will not just put you through the motions – she will push you till you reach a standard great enough for stage.

Working with her was a pleasure; outside of rehearsals or classes, she is quick to answer any questions you may have about the crazy world of theatre. When working on a production, you are treated as a professional. You take care of yourself as a competent performer. You don’t just learn how to sing a certain way or act as a particular character … you learn stagecraft. I am grateful to have worked with Christine and for the lessons learned. Thank you!

Sarah Gannon (Singer/Actor – Celtic Woman)


I have to say I cannot recommend Christine highly enough. Her methods of teaching, her encouragement and the confidence she has instilled in me have made lessons with her the most rewarding experience. I am a stronger, more confident performer thanks to her.

Chris Currid (Singer/Actor)


I have worked with Christine for the past two years and, in this time, I have seen immeasurable improvements in every aspect of my skill set as a performer.

As a singer, my technique is much improved and still developing but, more importantly, Christine has taught me how to act through song, and I believe this is the huge advantage of receiving tuition from someone with such intimate knowledge of both acting and singing.

Christine creates an enjoyable working environment where I have always felt safe and comfortable and, most importantly, had so much fun learning and improving my skills as a performer. She understands that everyone’s voice is at a different stage of development and is able to nurture that as a result. I believe that any of Christine’s students not only receive top class industry standard training, but also receive the right level of training for their own individual needs.

Tom Moran (First Year Student – BA Hons Degree – Drama)