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Red Alchemy brings audiences on a memorable voyage into the magic of live theatre, constantly seeking to push its creative boundaries.  Our imagination, innovation and energy are limitless, but our means are not!  As an independent, unfunded theatre company, we rely on the philanthropy and generous support of the business community.  And to continue in this vein, we need you to play your role!  Your involvement and support – either as a Personal Patron or a Business Supporter is a vital element in sustaining the creation of exciting productions, development of new work and the mining of fresh talent, both locally and nationally.

Your support will allow us to:

  • Produce relevant, compelling Irish and International theatre
  • Bring the best of theatre to the locality and tour nationally
  • Develop and support the next generation of theatre in Kilkenny and beyond
  • Enable the work of independent artists
  • Take the next step to tour internationally
  • Maintain our independent voice
  • Form supportive partnerships with organisations and individuals who share our sense of the value of the arts, and theatre in particular

Find out how you or your business can become part of the Red Alchemy story through ambitious, imaginative and mutually beneficial relationships.