In a small town that's fast becoming the murder capital of the world, two brothers battle it out over a dead father, an inheritance and a packet of crisps.  Sadistic, dangerous, inflammatory and hilarious.  Welcome to The Lonesome West - the inaugural full-length production by Red Alchemy Theatre Company (formerly Spellbound Theatre Company).

Directed by Christine Scarry and starring Garry Mountaine, Brendan Hughes, Conor O'Riordan and Doireann O'Byrne


A golliwog, a toy soldier, a doll and a monkey with a drum lie forgotten in an a attic.  Each night they enact the story of the brother and sister who owned them long ago — a story that bursts through the straitlacing of Victorian society and confronts us with some unpalatable truths. If we change history we can never then learn from it. And so we are condemned to repeat it. Freedom of speech means to protect the unspeakable. These depictions, as offensive as they are to some and not to others, serve to educate, lest we repeat our mistakes.